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In 1995, we started a business to provide and consult excellent client service. Mainly, in the health care industry, we have accelerated its growth by starting new businesses over the years.

Now, we offer training and development, courses and seminars, home health care, consulting services and licensed facility assessment services. Moreover, we provide training,that is the employee education and development for all industries.

Although competition has been increasing and our industry has undergone constant changes, we have evolved and expanded our businesses. All of this was made possible by the dedication of our employees and the support from our clients.

Our core values of client service and innovation have driven us further. In this year 2010, we have taken on new challenge. We opened R-USA, a liaison office, in Illinois in the U.S.A, where we do business in trading and consulting. We take the next step from Yokohama, Japan, to the world to start a green business.

CEO Erica Kurauchi
Erica Kurauchi


About Us Brief History

1995 starts of organization
2001 founded Rosetta private company
2002 founded R-PEER, non-profit organization
2004 incorporated and changed its name to R-CORPORATION
2010 opened R-USA、a liaison office, Illinois, USA


The Origin of the Company Name

RosettaIn 1799, the Rosetta Stone was discovered in a small town in Nile Delta. It was the critical key to modern understanding of ancient Egyptian literature and civilization. It often refers to anything that is used to unlock a mystery or help solve a difficult problem. We name our company after it and we are determined to make our company be the place where our clients and our employees find their potential and develop and maximize it.



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